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Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

User & Management Survey Results:

  1. Q: How has Cync increased productivity?
    A: Clients reported increased productivity by 35%, 50% and 75%
  2. Q: How much has Cync reduced your labor costs?
    A: Reduced labor costs between 15-25%
  3. Q: Does Cync meet all your Portfolio Management needs?
    A: 100% of clients answered this as "yes"
  4. Q. Does Cync help you make the best decisions for your company and clients?
    A: 100% of our clients said that Cync Report’s assist management with making the best decision for both their clients and financial institutions
  5. Q: Does Cync help with managing risk, loan losses and portfolio health?
    A: 100% said that Cync assists with risk management, loan losses and helps them closely monitor the health of their portfolio

Automation & Cost Reduction

"The upload to the BBC calculation went from 4 hours manually per client to 18 mins with Cync-this was a huge efficiency gain for us. Also, getting information through to clients has gone from 10 days per month for turn days down to 3-senior management has been very happy with these results."
- Errin Richardson
Columbia Bank