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Product Overview


  • Cync ABL supports several classes of assets
    • Summary or Bulk A/R Collateral
    • Detailed A/R Collateral
    • Maintain Current AR Collateral
    • Inventory Collateral
    • Equipment Collateral
    • Other Collateral Assets
  • BBC Automation
  • Client Portal
  • Document Management
  • Supports REST APIs for interfacing
  • Commitments
  • Sub Limits
  • Seasonal Advance Rates
  • Contra and Global Assignment
  • Lender Notifications can be sent through the application, email or text
  • General Ledger Tracking and Export
  • Interface with Quickbooks
  • Activity Tickler System
  • Final Loan Payoff Calculations and Statement generation
  • Analyst Workflows
  • Robust Reporting

BBC Trending Report
BBC Trending Report


  • Recourse & Non-Recourse Factoring
  • Dashboard
  • Letter Processing & Tracking
  • Manage risk with automatic invoice validation
  • Ability to attach multiple documents/images to specific invoices
  • Electronic Verification of Invoices
  • Cash receipt application with bank file and image upload
  • Easy printing of reports
  • Historical comments tracking
  • Collection Tickler for follow-up actions
  • Document Management for easy retrieval of uploaded documents
  • General Ledger Export
  • Client Portal
  • Broker Commissions
  • Invoice Discounting

Client Portal

  • Lender Benefits:
    • Staying connected to your clients anytime, anywhere
    • Improved communication
    • Secured information sharing
    • Time saving features that allow the client to upload invoices and submit requests
    • Branding with your company‚Äôs logo, look and feel
    • No additional fee for this service
  • Client Benefits:
    • Ability to upload or manually enter invoices and submit requests
    • Improved communication
    • Access to reporting
    • Secure environment to access real time information
    • Cash Receipts entry and reports
    • Check image attachment
Client Summary