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Financial Analyzer

Cync Financial Analyzer

Increase productivity and mitigate risk with relationship-driven insights and centralized data

Cync Software’s Financial Analyzer is a cloud-based, relationship-driven application that enables lenders to streamline processes, automate financial spreading and access quick cashflow analysis for faster more accurate decision making.

Financial Analysis: Highly customizable and automated financial spreading, cash flow analysis and real-time benchmarks.

Financial Highlights: A high-level, relationship-driven snapshot of the financial analysis allows for quick insight into the health of the borrower's portfolio.

Streamline Communication: Cync provides the ability to add and delete comments as needed which enables users to streamline communication that operates like a CRM system.

Document Management: Receive, track and manage files to centralize client data—all on a single platform.

Key Benefits

  • Highly customizable ratios, and spreading templates
  • Streamline data and processes for increased productivity
  • Increase accuracy and consistency while mitigating risk
  • Fully integrated commenting and notifications for real-time communication between systems

Figure 1. Simplified Spreading Interface

Give the team exactly the information needed to make an informed decision multiple statement types and a toggle feature to display trends such as Common Sizing, Trend Analysis, Comments and more.


Figure 2. Streamlined Auto-Spreading

Map your spreadsheets effortlessly with the power of machine learning and expedite your financial analysis with the security of a cloud-based platform.