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Our vision is to securely automate the exchange of information between borrowers and lenders in the commercial lending market, improving the overall customer experience on every level.

Cync® Software Client Success Stories

Automation & Cost Reduction

"The upload to the BBC calculation went from 4 hours manually per client to 18 minutes with Cync-this was a huge efficiency gain for us. Also, getting information through to clients has gone from 10 days per month for turn days down to 3-senior management has been very happy with these results."

- Errin Richardson, Columbia Bank

Streamlined Loan Processing

"Before Cync Software, our loan processing was entirely manual and Excel-based. We needed a cloud-based solution that would reduce the potential for error, improve the user experience and provide the automation we needed. Cync Software really went above and beyond by allowing us to customize a solution to better fit our growing portfolio."

- Evan Henris, Parabilis

Loan Servicing

"Cync created a customized solution for us, that reduced our costs from having an external vendor manage our loans to having it all in one application. We can service more loans with the same amount of staff."

- Jon Finley, CircleUp

Our Products

Cync ABL

Cync ABL

Cync allows Lending institutions to increase their productivity and reduce costs by automating the Borrowing Base Certificate (BBC) process.

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Cync Factoring

Cync Factoring

Cync's flexible configuration allows for the creation of multiple fee schedules that are assignable at the client level or uniquely to individual debtors.

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Cync Client Portal

Cync Client Portal

Cync's Client Portal is a solution that improves the borrower experience and delivers transparency to all parties involved.

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Our flagship product, Cync Application Suite, provides a diverse collection of software financing solutions that covers a vast range of accounts receivable financing, factoring, working capital loans, asset based lending and related credit services.

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